Database Mining Lab delivers Powerful Data Integration and
Analytics to corporations
  • Integrate data across business to deliver key business performance information to decision-makers and C-level executives

  • Summarize data and organize it into easily viewable charts and graphs with drill-down capability into business transaction data

  • Aggregate information from all of your databases and software applications into a single dashboard

  • No more manual effort in gathering data and assembling reports and spreadsheets


Interactive, Insightful and Intelligent Dashboards
  • Color-coded visuals, gauges and indicators to highlight trends, exceptions and status changes in business critical data

  • Easy-to-Share Dashboards, Graphs and real-time Alerts, delivered to your email or mobile PDA

  • Immediate, real-time answers to questions

  • Streamline the exchange of information and collaboration between departments thus ensuring department goals align with corporate

  • Access interactive dashboards and metrics via a Web browser





Making your business recession proof:
Next-generation data analytics for
profit and competitive edge


This free one-hour seminar is held at 8:30 am on the first Thursday every month at Database Mining Lab, Alpharetta. This seminar will demonstrate how you can cut costs, improve profitability and make your business recession-proof by using cutting-edge performance management dashboards and data mining solutions. Simplify your analysis and gain competitive edge. Seating is limited,so please



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